Carmen Range

Talitech produce the Carmen Range of spiral staircases in its Cork, Ireland, facility. Whether your taste be classical, modern or traditional, there is a Carmen spiral staircase to suit your needs. All Carmen spiral staircases are superbly crafted and will certainly grace any domestic or commercial application.

The Talitech Carmen spiral staircase system is designed to replace plain straight stairs, the graceful appeal of a curved stair is a realistic option for more builders and homeowners than ever before.

Each Carmen spiral staircase is manufactured to match your floor to floor measurements and all are designed to meet British Standard 5395 Part 2. All Carmen spiral staircases can be supplied in all wood or combination of wood and metal.

Before you order check the requirements of the Building Regulations with your architect or builder.

If you are undertaking the work yourself then we will be pleased to advise you.


Nationwide delivery is FREE of CHARGE.
20% deposit with order and balance before delivery by bank draft / credit card.
Staircases are non returnable
The opening MUST be at least 50mm bigger than the diameter of the stairs for knuckle clearance.
To calculate the number of steps required the maximum riser is 220mm. Therefore divide your floor to floor measurement by 220mm and this will give you the quantity of steps required.

Please see the Carmen brochure under “Brochure Downloads” for our full range.

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