2 Ball Bearing 100mm Wheel with Support – Suit 20mm Round Track

Code: Wheel100U

A 2 ball bearing wheel with an external support.

Allows it to be screwed to the bottom of your sliding gate frame.

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For more information click here


This 100mm galvanised metal wheel has 2 ball bearings and a 20mm round groove.

Always match the shape of the wheel groove with the shape of your selected track in order to obtain a durable, functioning and  low wearing fitting.

  • Load capacity of 500kg per pair of wheels.

The installation is obtained by creating an opening and 2 threaded holes in the lower part of the profile in the lower part of the gate. It’s then possible to insert the wheel into that opening and screw the brackets of the wheel to the gate profile in correspondence with the predrilled holes. After the installation, the only visible part is the lower part of the wheel and the lower part of the brackets.


Additional Information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 140 × 34 × 100 mm

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