Ecoboard- Charcoal Woodgrain T&G


The woodgrain finish tongue and groove re-cycled plastic boards are an excellent alternative to timber for gates, doors, stables, fencing and DIY projects.

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The T&G Ecoboard comes as a 138mm x 28mm profile available in 1800mm, 2400mm and 3600mm lengths.
100% Recycled
Ecoboards are 100% recycled: they are manufactured from household plastic waste and are fully recyclable. Used boards and offcuts return right back into the process. The technology is basically waste-free as everything will be reused.

These recycled plastic boards are available in a woodgrain finish. In contrast to wood, they do not mind the weather.

Even the heaviest rains are irrelevant as the boards are waterproof, mold-free and swell-free.

They are UV resistant and their solid construction, with no wood content, means they don’t absorb water and can deflect unwanted noise.

In fact, these boards are often used in fences alongside busy roads.

Easy to work with
Ecoboard can take different shapes and have a workability similar to wood. You do not need any special knowledge to install it, simply allow for a little expansion and contraction.

It does not require additional protective treatment.

It is important to note that as these boards are 100% recycled, the final finish will have some small imperfections.

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1800mm, 2400mm, 3600mm

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