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SIG40 D18 40




The SIG40 D18 40 is a dead lock where the dead bolt moves 40mm with just 1 turn to suit 40mm flat or box section.

It has a stainless steel 18mm diameter bolt and a black powder coated lock case.

Supplied with double sided 5 pin eurocylinder.

Also available to suit 10mm flat  (SIG40 D18 10).

To fit, simply drill 2 x 11mm fixing holes @ 92mm centres for M10 fixing bolts and 1 x 22mm hole at 22mm centres from top fixing hole for deadbolt. For box section frames open out the 11mm holes in the outer wall of the box section to 17mm diameter to allow the M10 bolt to pass into the box to secure the lock. After fixing. press the cover plugs supplied into the 17mm holes.

Lubriate with light oil periodically.

Code H (mm) W (mm)
SIG40 D18 40  110  99